Romans 11:33-36

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways! “For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who has been his counselor? Or who has given a gift to him that he might be repaid?” For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Room for Babes

Luke 10:21

For all Christians, especially those that are most sensible of the weakness of their faith, there have been and are more dwarfs besides you. Perfection is a white that was never hit; the best archers prove a handful short. It is indeed the mark at which every one sets out to level his arrows, but all the souls of Christians, like the arrows of Jonathan, have flown, some over into glory, some short, some on this hand, some on that, but none have hit the mark.

Be of good comfort, weak faith is faith; little ones are true children of the Father, who casts none away that comes (though creeping) to Him. Heaven has room for babes as well as adults. A child may pull the latch of heaven's door, and go in, and be welcome to the knee of the King of Glory, to His bosom, "Who feeds His flock like a shepherd" (Isa. 40:11) and carries the lambs in His bosom. Jesus Christ has His arms full of tender sucking lambs, or at least, that were so upon the earth.

The youngest Christian, if an heir, is of age to take land in heaven; youth is no bar. The garden of God has more slips than old stocks in it. Now indeed they are to become stocks in heaven, but here on earth they were but tender slips when Christ took them up to the land of grace and transplanted them.
—John Collinges

Readings taken from Day by Day with the English Puritans


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