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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Media Amazes Me


Subhead: British scientists have created human sperm using stem cells in a medical first that could revolutionise fertility treatment, they claim.

Lead paragraph: Researchers at the pioneering Northeast England Stem Cell Institute say they have made the breakthrough using stem cells from an embryo.

What do those words bring to your mind? Exactly what they are intended to—the miracle of embryonic stem cell research has provided the cure for male infertility. Halleluiah!

But then, if you read further, buried in subtle, less-than-emphatic rhetoric, you discover reality.

“…with some minor changes the sperm could theoretically fertilise an egg to create a child.”

“Within 10 years… the technique could also be used…”

“It could even be possible…”

Aren’t those the words of futurists and science fiction writers? But all the “coulds” and “mights” and “maybes” pale in comparison to the buried details of the “breakthrough”.

“The team has already used the technique in mice which have then gone on to produce offspring.” A full seven paragraphs later: “The mice in his earlier experiment all died shortly after they were born.”

And this: “They have heads, they have tails and they move. The shape is not quite normal nor the movement, but they contain the proteins for egg activation.”

Then comes the real purpose of the article—to sway public support in favor of using embryonic stem cells and ease the restrictions on creating human life in laboratories. “The test tube babies are now routine but it was controversial at the time.”

Always read with discernment.

Matthew 10:16


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